Kenton is incredibly passionate about the Himalayas, having summited Everest 12 times now. But it’s not just Nepal that Kenton is so passionate about. He tells Just Challenge about his love for India…

‘I fell in love with the people of India, and in particular those of the Himalayas many years ago on my first visit to the majestic mountains of the region.  I was suduced by the landscapes, the culture and food but above all the people, I found a group of people that despite the hardships they faced lived a meaningful contented existence without the materialist wealth that we feel we need to surround ourselves with in the ever burdening society we live in.  Each visit since has left me searching for a more authentic way that I can lead my own life.

Personally the mountains and landscape of North India provide the canvas, the people are the platte, its is then for the individual to create the artwork of life, through the space and time that the environment gives us.

Just challenge provide us all the opportunity to experience the space ourselves, an opportunity to check out of society that has indoctrinated us into a certain way of thinking, an opportunity to question what we stand for through physical and mental challenge.  All this done in the vast space that is the Indian Himalayas”

Concrete Creative