We are constantly striving to become more sustainable. Wanting the best for our environment means continually challenging ourselves to influence and drive change.

Every challenge we deliver has a zero footprint policy.  Whatever we take in, we take back out.  We are luckily enough to trek in some of the world’s most remote and breath-taking locations and it’s fundamentally important to us that these areas are treated with the respect they deserve.

Giving back is at the core of what we do.  Our Challenge platform facilitates fundraising for charities all over the world – whether we are supporting the quest for clean water, helping save the lives of turtles in the Middle East or providing food to hungry children – we are incredibly proud to have cause at the forefront.

We only partner with people who think like us.  Wherever we go in the world, we ensure our suppliers share our passion for the environment and desire to create and deliver environmentally conscious and sustainable challenges.  All of our suppliers are focused on rethinking, reducing and recycling in pursuit of mitigating our impact on the environment.

We are determined to be respectful and supportive of local communities in the challenge locations we deliver in.  We have set-up a number of projects around the world in support of this, such as the Water Project in Vietnam (purchase and distribution of water pumps to local villages in the Sapa Mountains to assist with irrigation and production of rice and water flow to houses) as well as the Solar Project in Jordan (purchase and distribution of solar panel, battery and light to local Bedouin families in and around Petra).  If you are interested in hearing more about these projects or would like to contribute, please email